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Avaya IP Office Small Office Edition

Avaya IP Office Small Office Edition Fact Sheet

Avaya IP Office is redefining how business communicates. The Avaya IP Office Family is the latest advancement in converged voice and data technology from Avaya. IP Office combines high-end voice and data applications normally reserved for large enterprises with easy to use tools that allow the smallest of businesses to deliver cutting edge customer service.

The IP Office - Small Office Edition is a compact platform specifically designed to meet the needs of very small businesses and home offices. In a single unit, it can provide a PABX with Auto Attendant and Voicemail, Broadband Access, Wireless Access Point (WiFi) and VPN tunneling. Voice Compression is included as standard to support IP Extensions or provide IP Trunks back to a head office.

Dependant on the model chosen, up to a maximum of 28 extensions can be supported (4 Analog, 8 Digital and 16 IP), allowing you to continue to use your analog equipment (faxes, answering machines) or the latest Avaya digital terminals or VoIP phones.

All IP Office - Small Office Editions have a four port Ethernet Switch (layer 2) and a dedicated switched Ethernet WAN port (layer 3) making the system ideal for connection to broadband services such as ADSL and Cable. With Voice over IP as standard and the optional IPSec security, the system can be quickly configured to provide secure voice and data networking back to a head office over the broadband connection.

The IP Office - Small Office Edition supports an additional WAN slot (located at the back) to support other network connections such as V35, X21, T1 and BRI leased lines that may be encountered in frame relay applications. The back of the unit also provides a twin PCMCIA socket for a memory card when using embedded voicemail and a Wireless LAN card when using the system as a wireless access point.

As well as supporting the external license key server for licensed applications, IP Office - Small Office Edition also supports a serial port dongle. This can be plugged directly into the unit removing the need for an external PC for license verification.

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