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Avaya Partner Telephones

Avaya Partner Telephones Fact Sheet

PARTNER telephones have a sleek, modern design and improved tactile feel complete with enhanced buttons and a new handset.  There are different PARTNER telephone models to choose from, each available in either black or titanium white color: 6 button display, 18 button display and 34 button display. Additionally, the 48 button Call Assistant (CA48) is also available in black and titanium white. 

With the addition of a 6 button display phone, the PARTNER telephones are perfect for price-sensitive customers that want to take full advantage of PARTNER's comprehensive feature set.  In fact, the entire PARTNER telephone line comes standard with a backlit display!  According to a recent study by the Yankee Group, Caller ID subscription rates for small and medium businesses have grown considerably over the past 3 years, with more than 70% of them opting for the service .  Caller ID is a "must have" requirement that increases productivity, improves customer service, and saves valuable time for the business owner.

What's New With This Release

The new PARTNER Telephones have a sleek modern design and improved tactile feel, complete with enhanced buttons and a choice of colors. Unlike competitive products, the entire PARTNER telephone line comes with backlit display as standard which allows all phone users to see who is calling. This feature is seen as a 'must have’ to increase productivity, improve customer service and save valuable time for the business owner.

Business Benefits

• Comprehensive functions and capabilities provide great range of features to end users
• Increased productivity via functions like Caller ID, message waiting indicators, and line appearance LEDs
• Simple to operate through fixed feature buttons and multiple line/programming buttons
• "Plug and play" installation
• Desk or wall mountable


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